Monday, 7 November 2016

All The Words

Here's a year old YouTube clip I recorded on my posh camera and with my proper posh mikes. The latest videos are of a lower quality (Just recorded on my smartphone in the loo for acoustics). Why is this you ask?, well... I get quite depressed sometimes putting out music after spending lots of time and care on it, and not really getting it heard.

I used to spend hours and hours writing and recording, now I kind of want to chill after work and not put myself through the ups and mostly downs of the reality of trying to get heard. So I thought, recording on a smartphone was a nice compromise, i.e spend less time on it, but still get it out there.

But, I think i'm doing the music a disservice, so even though about two people only ever get to hear my music, I know it's quite good and I want to put it out there at the highest quality I can. So there you go, hope you two people appreciate the effort!.

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