Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Where your treasure lies

This Demo was recorded on a Tascam Porta 2, a VERY primitive 4 track tape recorder... I've recorded to tape because I need to stop myself getting bored with the same old routines. I'm only into music for myself, and as part of that I need to mix it up as it can get tedious. Plus I hate digital, I hate computers even though I have to use them, I hate the bad parts of the internet, this is my sad little rebellion. Yes it sounds hissyer than a bag of snakes, (i'll prob try recording on my Tascam 424 next as the tape speed's higher and it's got noise DBX reduction)... but it has more soul and life than digital even though its as Lo-Fi as you can get. We've been sold the digital lie, it's one of the biggest cons ever. I'm not buying it anymore. I stopped buying it when I started comparing vinyl to CDs about 5 years ago. I'd love a Reel to Reel to record on, but I don't have the £££'s or any reason to do that as no one is really going to appreciate it to make it worthwhile. So i'll get my tape fix via good 'ole hissy cassettes!

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Octopus Sound

I'm in the process of digitizing a old album I recorded on a 4 track Tascam Portastudio about 10 years ago, it's called "The Octopus Sound". I've Only found half of it so far, so I imagine I'll soon be rummaging though my box of tapes trying to find it. I'm posting it on Bandcamp as I find it.

Here is a YouTube clip of the mix of Easy Engine, I was going to do this for the whole album, but It's probably not going to be that interesting, so will be just putting up the audio.

Monday, 7 November 2016

All The Words

Here's a year old YouTube clip I recorded on my posh camera and with my proper posh mikes. The latest videos are of a lower quality (Just recorded on my smartphone in the loo for acoustics). Why is this you ask?, well... I get quite depressed sometimes putting out music after spending lots of time and care on it, and not really getting it heard.

I used to spend hours and hours writing and recording, now I kind of want to chill after work and not put myself through the ups and mostly downs of the reality of trying to get heard. So I thought, recording on a smartphone was a nice compromise, i.e spend less time on it, but still get it out there.

But, I think i'm doing the music a disservice, so even though about two people only ever get to hear my music, I know it's quite good and I want to put it out there at the highest quality I can. So there you go, hope you two people appreciate the effort!.